There is no reality, there is prime
There is no law, there is freedom
Through Self, there is mind.
There is no peace, there is harmony
There is no war, there is taijitsu
Through the Force, there is love.
There is no past, there is now
There is no future, there is thought
Through Self, there is manifestation.
There is no hell, there is one
There is no heaven, there is zero
Through the Force, there is love
I have to say, this really just nonsense. Please consider thinking a bit more clearly. Where is this from?
"There is no law, there is freedom"
This is something I believed when I was 16 and thankfully grew out of. This "code" does represent a mature, responsible, role that the Jedi Order played in George Lucas' universe. Its pretty much just nonsense..
Could someone please tell me where its from or who wrote it?

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